What is Analemma

“Analemma” (the Greek word for the pedestal of a sundial) refers to the figure traced in the sky drawn by the different positions of the Sun recorded at the same time of day, from the same location during a calendar year.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma and http://www.analemma.com/Pages/framesPage.html

Ancient Greek philosophers were well aware of (and measured) our relative position in the cosmos thousands of years before the first solar panels were launched into space to remotely power our satellites and extraterrestrial exploration vehicles.

Whereas solar PV was initially developed for esoteric remote applications, the industry’s growth and focus these days is with utility interactive (grid-tied) systems.  Due to the advances in technology, economies of scale, and the temporary availability of generous incentives, solar photovoltaic systems are now well adapted to meet commercial and residential needs.   

Analemma Solar Corp’s competitive advantage is its proprietary financial modeling capability that conservatively and accurately models system viability and future cash flows.  Given the specific data inputs of the customer’s:

  • energy requirements,
  • financials,
  • measurements of the property’s solar resource and
  • incentives for specific property,

Analemma can clearly and accurately evaluate your solar opportunity.  The ancient Greeks were aware of their relation to the sun and developed the science and measuring instruments to determine the time of year from solar position.   Analemma Solar Corp. has the knowledge and tools to use the power of sun and the technology of photovoltaics to further the interests of your home or business allowing you to profit from green technology.


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